The Low Post

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar SKYHOOK

The low post area is one of the most valuable spots on the court. The biggest offensive player on the court will OFTEN position himself in the low post, facing away from the basket, in order to be close to the rim…

It’s the easiest way to score baskets, if you know how to do it right.

I give you an important information: you DON’T have to be one of the biggest player to play the low post! If you are a 6’9” (200 cm), you’ll be guarded by a defender nearly as tall as you. In the same way, if you are, for example, a 6’1” (185 cm), you will be defended by a player 180/190 cm tall.

Here are the top 5 post moves, which I believe will help you becoming a low post dominator:

  1. The Jump Hook It is the most simple move, but, if done right, it is very hard to defend. First, you need to catch the ball by the block. Now you go right or left with a power dribble, which allows you to get to a jump stop, so that you land with two feet at the same time (this allows you, later, to go on a counter move without trouble). Then you have to explode, keeping your off-arm between you and the defender.
  2. The Up & Under →  This move sets up just like the jump hook, it is its variation: the power dribble, the jump stop. So, instead of exploding up, you are going to show the ball to the defender (like a fake), making him off balance. Now you will step through, so that you can get by the defender
  3. The Dribble Drop →  It is another variant of the jump hook. As before, you have to start with the power dribble, but, instead of picking up the ball, you are going to dribble another time and, then, drop your outside foot around the defender, like a spin move. After, explode up with your hook shot, or with the up and under. P.S.: Make sure you don’t pick the ball up until the outside foot is down, or you are going to travel!
  4. The Dream Shake → This is the dribble drop’s variant… Here, you have to fake the spin move; it makes the defender think that you are doing the dribble drop. However when you drop your outside foot, you will push back of this foot into the jump hook or the up & under.
  5. The Sky-hook Just a name: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, the best post player in basketball history and the top NBA scorer of all time. This shot speaks by itself. It is a shot, which made by a quite tall player, could be the most unstoppable shot of the game.

Here is a video of the top 5 post moves (without the sky-hook). The fifth is the “face up shot”. It is a jump shot, which you use when the defender is a bit far from you, so that you can turn yourself of 180°, to score easily.

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