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Stephen Curry. What should we say? Of course he is one of the greatest shooter in the world. With an average of 30.1 points, 6.7 assists and 5.4 rebounds and 2.1 steals per game, Curry won the second Most Valuable Player award, of the regular season, in a row.

The question, now, is: what makes this player so great? The answer is, of course, one: his lethal shot, from all positions.

So, now, we are going to do an in depth analysis on Steph’s shooting form. This is not necessarily what you must do, but it’s just to show you exactly how one of the best shooters in the world does when he shoots.


Steph Curry keeps his shooting shoulder, elbow and hip aligned. His shoulder is directly behind his elbow, in line with the hip. His forearm is slightly inclined (almost 5°) respect to the first alignment, keeping the ball over his eyes.

The Turn

Curry is a right handed shooter, so, in order to align his right side, he rotates his fit slightly to the left. However, sometimes, off the dribble, he aligns the feet directly to the basket and when it happens he rotates his body a bit to the left, to find again his alignment.

curry alignment-turn

The Stance

Steph is predominantly a ‘one stand shooter’; he shoots the ball just with one movement. His legs are always bent. He jumps just a few inches while shooting, neither too much nor too little.

The Dip

Off the catch, he dips the basketball. It means that after catching the ball, he brings it down to his hip before rising up to shoot. That is done just to create the rhythm. Off the dribble, most of the time he is already low and the ball is already at his hip, so he doesn’t have to dip.

legs bent and dip

Hand Position

Steph uses a relatively relaxed hand on the ball, with his middle finger and thumb making a V. In addiction we observe that his hand is on the side of the ball and rotates towards the net as he extends his arm.

The Setpoint

When curry shoots, the ball first travels backwards towards his head, before traveling forward towards the net. The setpoint is the point right before the ball is moving towards the net. Stephen Curry’s setpoint is just above his right eye, with his palm facing to the rim side. We can also notice that his arm makes a 90° angle; the angle between his arm and forearm is much less than 90°.

The ball arrives at his setpoint before than his feet leave the ground. After, he jumps to push the ball forward.


The Release

He uses a ‘4 fingers down’ release and the ball comes off from his middle finger last. Curry keeps his wrist relaxed and floppy on his release.

The Follow Through

On the follow through, his elbow is right above his head and his arm is completely straight. The ball travels on a straight line, it starts off above his eyes and on the follow through, his wrist is directly above his right eye.


Steph keeps his eyes on the rim until the ball is released; as soon as it leaves his hand, he follows the ball with the eyes until it arrives at the rim.

The off hand

Notice that his off hand comes off the ball right before he starts to snap his wrist. His left hand looks forward with almost 10 cm from the right one.

curry release          elbow straight-at the eyes


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