Perfect Shooting Form


If you’re a good basketball shooter, the coach will always find a spot for you on the floor. Without proper mechanics you will shoot a low percentage and have a lot of your shots blocked.

It becomes extremely important to learn the correct basketball shooting technique, and to practice various shooting drills over and over and over again.

So, the keys to become a great shooter are more or less two:

  1. Doing a lot of practice, training: shooting, and shooting again.
  2. Watching best shooters’ technique: learn their mechanics and try to repeat them during practice.

Below I give you essential tips regarding shooting mechanics:

  • Hold the ball only on your finger  tips→ In order to have proper control of the ball only your fingers should be touching, don’t touch the ball with your palm, you could lose control.finger pads
  • Start small, end tall → At the start of your shot you should be small, your legs bent. Lots of players start way too tall and never get their legs involved. They may shoot fine 8-10 feet from the basket in stationary drills, but once we move them to the 3-point line, every shot becomes short. And if it isn’t short, it’s on a line drive with little hope of going in.
  • Snap the elbow This is one of the biggest basketball shooting mistakes we see with players: not extending their follow through. They will continually short-arm their shot. That almost always results in a line drive.
  • Grab the rim → Your elbow should be in. The same goes for your middle finger on the follow through, your shot should finish as if you were dipping your hand into the rim.
  • Follow through You should always follow through, your arm finishing straight, your wrist loose, your fingers hanging down.

  Korver's shooting form Korver's shooting form  Korver's release


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