Golden State defeated OKC, Conference finals

Golden State has reached the NBA Finals by making what can be called a really difficult undertaking. In fact the Warriors have overturned a 3-1 series lead on from the Thunder, seemed to be closed. OKC is coming out of the playoffs with the bitterness of not being able to close out the series when they had three “match points”, but also knowing that they have made very good matches and being the team that probably put more difficult to the team of San Francisco, in the past two years.


In Game 1 Golden State started really well and went up by 13 at the half. From the third quarter Oklahoma put more energy than opponents and, driven by Westbrook (27 pts, 12 asts, 6 rebs, 7stls), managed to complete the come back, by winning 108-102.

Game 2 is a match with no story: Thunder can defend themselves from the Warriors for a quarter and a half, but then are subjected to a partial of Oakland team before the break, and on their return to the field the Warriors close simply the game, which finishes 118-91 thanks to a brilliant performance of the MVP Stephen Curry with 28 point (included 5 triples) and 3 assists.

With Game 3 the series move to Oklahoma, and here the Thunder will surprise everyone winning the match, closed substantially at the half after, by a big partial of OKC, fixing the result on 72-47. The rest of the match continues with low rhythms, with Golden State that can’t come back. The final result sets at 133-105 for the hosts, with 63 points combined for the dynamic-duo Westbrook-Durant!Super match for the dynamic-duo!

In Game  the Thunder, after a first period pretty balanced, place a large partial in the second quarter, coming for the second time in a row at the half with more than 70 points scored (7253). This time, however, the Warriors do not give up and thanks to Thompson (19 points in ten minutes) try to come back under the double-digit disadvantage, but then return down by 12 at the end of the third quarter, with a score of 9482. At the beginning of the last twelve minutes, OKC puts more energy and desire to win, winning the match 11894. Westbrook dominated the match with 36 points, 11 rebounds, 11 assists and 4 steals, followed by the 26 points of KD.
We are back to San Francisco for Game 5, where the match is now super fought! OKC shots very badly and the Warriors can’t find easy points, and the first half will end 5850 for the hosts. OKC reduces the disadvantage to drop off before the break. The decisive moment of Golden State is the fourth quarter, thanks to the reserves of the Warriors who play really well, going up by 11.
The Thunder didn’t give up and trying to reduce the disadvantage, but at the end, the team of the Bay brings the match home winning 120111, with a brilliant performance of the splash brothers (58 pts combined).
splash brothers: 58 pts combined!
Game 6 is played in Oklahoma. The two teams remain close for most of the match, with the Thunder that appear to do a big partial, but with Klay Thompson, who wakes up with 11 triples made (record in the playoffs) and Curry keep alive the Warriors. The game is decided in the fourth period: OKC is in advantage but the Splash Brothers score points over points, bringing home the victory (108-101). Important was also the defense of Golden State in the last quarter, especially of Iguodala, who steals two decisive balls and put up a brilliant defense on Durant. MVP of the match, of course, Thompson with 41 points and 11 triples.

Game 7 in California, win or go home. The game starts with Oklahoma that expresses a better game of GSW, which struggles to move the ball, but sometimes expresses quite a good ball-circulation. The Warriors survive thanks to the triples of Thompson, and, after a wonderful play of Curry at the buzzer, close the first half down by six: 42-48. In third quarter of Golden State finds several baskets from the arc, limiting Thunder’s attack too. In fourth quarter OKC tries to return with Durant who is the only to find continuity, and also get to -4, but Curry closes the game with three free throws and a triple (96-88).

 Like last year, Golden State will face at The Finals the dominant Cleveland Cavaliers, who now don’t have any player injured. These will surely be some spectacular and hard-fought series!
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